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Control of Transient Induced Contaminant Leakage and Infiltration by Implementation of Air Valve

Pressure transients wreak very extensive damages to water and wastewater transmission systems. Until recent years, most of the concern related to pressure transient damages was focused on the obvious extreme events of pipe burst or collapse that result in major spills or flooding. But, there are many damages, far more widespread and often more dangerous, that are less obvious and attract less attention.

D-060NS | Application Under Water Column Separation and Return Events

Water column separation events occur at sudden water supply-demand differentials when the flow rate downstream from the point of separation is much higher than the flow rate upstream from this point.

D-060NS | Pressure Surges in Pipline Resulting From Air Releases

It is common practice to locate air vlaves at high ekevations along water transnission mains.

Improper sizing of an air valve could lead to the rapid explusion of air, which might result in excessive pressure surges at the air valve.

D-070 | Slow Closing Air Valve for Large Well Pump Applications

Houston typically uses 4” conventional slow closing combination air valvesair release valves on the water wells that provide most of the water used by Houston.

Experimental Examination of Air Valves - Report

Fraunhofer UMSICHT is assigned to investigate the dynamic behaviour of five different A.R.I air valve types at pressure surge conditions.

International Water & Irrigation Air Valves and Pressure Surge Suppression

Air valves are an important tool for surge dampening and suppression.

Pumping at any price?

A report on a practical experience of preventing air pockets in a sewerage pressure pipeline with a pneumatic pumping station, including cyclical pipeline-flushing by compressed air.

Reduction of Energy Expenses by Air Release From Pipelines

This paper deals with analysis of energy losses related to large undissolved air pockets in pipelines for water transportation.

The Advantages of the D-070 Dynamic Air Valve

Controlled release of air is critical for the safe operation of pipeline systems.

This paper will try to summarize the advantages in surge suppression of the Dynamic diaphragm- operated non-slam air valve with its new working configuration, compared to the existing concept of surge suppression by two-stage and three-stage non slam air valves.