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Our New Series of Wastewater Combination Air Valves


After years of research & development, A.R.I. is proud to unveil a new series of wastewater air valves, the D-26 line of full flow combination air valves.

This new series maintains the unique qualities that already exist today in our recognized and reliable wastewater valves, but adds features that give it an edge over comparable valves in the market: reliable performance, large air pocket, easy maintenance.

The D-26 series was developed to comply with numerous standards, provide field solutions for designer and planner requirements and integrate seamlessly with our ARIavCad software design program. The valves provide optimal working conditions in wastewater, sewage, brine, sea water and effluents and in pump stations for raw sewage, industry and refinery plants.

New Products for the Underground System family

  • D-26 SB, D-025L SB for Wastewater Applications
  • D-060 SB D-060NS SB for Water Supply Applications

The Underground Systems combine the reliable and efficient properties of the A.R.I. air valves for wastewater and water supply with the added feature of a sub-surface valve that can be buried below ground. Since the service and maintenance operations of the unit are performed entirely from the surface, there is no need for safety considerations associated with confined space entry.

New Version of the ARIavCAD software program

A.R.I is introducing ARIavCAD 2017, a software program for the sizing and location of air valves. The software is user-friendly, professional and helps its users to save money and time in choosing, sizing and locating the proper air valves for their pipelines.ARIavCAD 2017 will allow the design engineer to develop a graphic display for the variables that are needed to determine the number and types of air valves their systems will need. Choosing the proper location and the suitable valves will contribute to the efficient and smooth performance of the system. The software will also display a table with a summary of air valves required, classified by size and model.