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360 psi 2", 3"


A.R.I. model SD-010GB is a 3" inlet, gear box driven horizontal sliding disc valve designed for underground and confined space installations. The gear box is activated by a vertical operating rod (enables above ground operation of underground installations). The valve provides fluid-tight sealing up to 25 bar (365 psi) working pressure and is installed horizontally between the pipeline and the user's device.

Integral to the valve is either a 2" or 3" threaded or quick connection adaptor outlet. The 3" adaptor has an additional 1 ½" BSP female threaded orifice perpendicular to its vertical access, which can be used as a flushing outlet.

The quick connection adaptor has a built in safety mechanism to prevent the accidental removal of the user's device while there is open flow through the valve. The disc valve must be in the closed position before the user's device can be disconnected from the quick connection adaptor.

Product Features

  • Low profile enables installation in confined areas.
  • Integral 2" or 3" adaptor.
  • Operating rod - length upon request to fit diverse sized spaces.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

  • Body and cover made Ductile Iron ASTM A536 60-40-18.
  • All operating parts are made of specially selected corrosion- resistant materials including stainless steel, EPDM and Teflon.
  • Valve coating: fusion bonded epoxy coating according to standard DIN 30677-2.

Application Range

  • Working pressure range: 3 – 360 psi.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 140°F.
  • Maximum intermittent temperature: 194° F.
  • For underground and confined space installation of air valves and valves, fire hydrants and municipal services.

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Last Updated on: Tuesday, 08 January 2019