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D-060-C NS HF, D-062NS HF | Combination Air Valve


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285 PSI, 360 PSI, 580 PSI - 2"-10


The D-060-C NS series slam dampening Combination Air Valve has the features of both an air release valve and an air & vacuum valve. The air release component is designed to automatically release small pockets of air to the atmosphere as they accumulate along a pipeline or piping system when it is full and operating under pressure. The air & vacuum component is designed to automatically discharge or admit large volumes of air during the filling or draining of a pipeline or piping system. This valve will open to relieve negative pressures whenever water column separation occurs.

Product Features

  • A surge-dampening, slam-preventing, 3-stage combination air valve.
  • The air valve provides high capacity vacuum protection and, at the same time, efficient surge suppression.
  • Triple function:
    • Air & vacuum component discharges large volumes of air during filling of the system.
    • Air & vacuum component admits large volumes of air during drainage and at water column separation.
    • The air release component releases entrapped air in pressurized systems.
  • All main flow cross-sections are equal or greater than the nominal port area.
  • Special orifice seat design: combination of Stainless Steel and E.P.D.M. rubber assures long-term maintenance-free operation.
  • Available in sizes: 2"- 10".
  • These valves are manufactured with flanged ends to meet any requested standard.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

  • Body and cover made of Ductile Iron ASTM A-536 60-40-18.
  • Valve coating: fusion bonded epoxy coating according to standard DIN 30677-2.
  • Other coatings are available upon request.
  • Air Release Component:
    • Body made of high strength composite materials.
    • D-060-C/D-062 models have a protective shell made of Cast Iron ASTM A-48 CL35B/Ductile Iron ASTM A-536-60-40-18.
    • All operating parts are made of specially selected corrosion- resistant polymer materials.


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Last Updated on: Monday, 06 January 2020